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DIVING vs. ADVENTURE CRUISES; WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Ocean Rover Diving Cruises are for "hard-core" divers with the focus on diving and no other activities offered. Adventure Cruises offer a wider variety of activities and are more suitable for couples where only one partner is a diver or for people who are actively interested in more than just one watersport activity.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Your passport, your diver certification card and insurance details. Bathing suits, shorts, T-shirts, sunscreen and perhaps a light pullover or windbreaker. We provide basic toiletries and hair dryers in the cabins. Please make sure all your bags have nametags.

WHAT DIVING EQUIPMENT DO I NEED? Bring everything except tanks and weights. For those who prefer to travel light, we can arrange for rental equipment including dive lights, wet suits & dive computers.

ARE DIVE COMPUTERS RECOMMENDED? Yes! Due to the multi-level type of diving on our cruises, diving without a computer (using Dive Tables) will restrict your opportunities to see certain special features and creatures. No sharing; divers must have their own computer.

Warm towels after divingARE WETSUITS NEEDED? The average water temperature is 27C, (80F) but doing multiple dives each day may make you chillier than you anticipated. We recommend at least a thin shorty or skin but bring a thicker full wetsuit if you get cold easily. If you are not sure, bring both kinds. There is enough space on our divedeck to hang up two wetsuits per diver

WHAT NOT TO BRING? Big suitcases, sleeping bags, stereos other than walkman, spear guns, game bags, etc. Our experience is that the less stuff you bring, the more comfortable your stay on board.

COMMUNICATION. Someone from Ocean Rover's management team will be on site. You will have his mobile phone number and he will assist you with any cruise-related problem.

WHAT HAPPENS ON DEPARTURE DAY? Arrive in Kuantan at least one day before the boat's departure. This way you have time to rest and acclimatize. Malaysia Airlines have daily flights from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Let us know your flight details in advance so we can arrange to have you met on arrival. Boarding from 18.00h, departure at 20.00h.

LUGGAGE: We prefer to store all luggage on board before boarding time. In some cases we may be able to pick up your bags at your hotel, just give us a call. Please have nametags on all your bags. Our crew will assist you with your luggage the moment you arrive at the location where we are moored.

WHAT IS THE ITINERARY? We cruise the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia from north to south, or visa-versa, steaming from island to island, exploring and diving. Detailed itineraries and maps can be found on our websites.

WHAT ARE THE ACTIVITIES OFFERED DURING THE CRUISE? Our aim is to have our guests enjoy the voyage as a whole and capture the magic that comes with offshore cruising. All activities are offered in a relaxed and un-hurried manner: scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jungle hiking, beach walking and island exploration are the main ingredients of the cruise. We also visit a turtle preservation project and there is the opportunity to take courses in diving and underwater photography.

HOW MANY DIVES PER DAY? Depending on location and the scope of interests of the passengers we do two or three dives per day, with additional night dives when the location is suitable. In many cases other activities are offered simultaneously with the diving so non-divers will not feel neglected.

Buffet set-up in the salonWILL THE DIVE CREW GUIDE ME? Each dive is preceded by a detailed briefing, including charts. Anytime you need someone to guide you around the reef, you have but to ask.

CAN I DIVE SOLO? OK if you are very experienced and know what you are doing, if not, please join a buddy of your choice, or one of our dive leaders.

WHAT ARE THE MEALS LIKE? We serve three meals a day, buffet style, as well as snacks and fresh fruits. We try to please many different palates so most meals are a combination of Asian and western cuisine. With prior notice we can cater to certain diets as well.

WHAT ABOUT DRINKS? We carry a selection of soft drinks as well as beer and wine. If you prefer hard liquor please bring your own. The refreshments corner is stocked with tea, instant coffee and cookies. Real coffee lovers will appreciate our espresso machine.

WHAT ARE THE CABINS AND SHOWERS LIKE? There are eight cabins, all on the main or upper deck. All cabins have individually controlled air-conditioning and private ensuite bathrooms and showers. Bathroom towels are provided, as are basic toiletries and hair dryers. The six double bed cabins have single berths over the double bed and large panoramic windows. The two twin share cabins on the main deck have upper and lower berths and twin viewing portholes. There is an additional toilet and shower on the dive deck.

WHERE CAN I WORK ON MY CAMERAS? Ocean Rover has several camera worktables -both indoors and on deck- as well as safe places to place your cameras just before or after the dive. There are two large rinse tanks, E-6 film processing, light tables & a color TV monitor (NTSC & PAL). NEW: For digital photographers there is a dedicated computer with appropriate software.

PLug type at camera charging areasWHAT IS THE ELECTRICAL CURRENT? At the two camera charging stations both 220 & 110 Volts, 50-60Hz current is available. A selection of adaptors for many plug types is available as well. Standard electrical current in other parts of the boat, including the cabins, is 220V.

CAN I BE CONTACTED IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY? Ocean Rover is equipped with satellite communication equipment. Emails can be forwarded to the boat via our office. Please leave our fax number or email address with your relatives and office.

DO I NEED INSURANCE? Absolutely! All passengers are required to sign a liability waiver before departure, and are on board at their own risk. It is OBLIGATORY on all Ocean Rover cruises that you have suitable DIVING INJURY INSURANCE, such as DAN or similar. Be sure to get a cancellation insurance as well!

WHAT IF I HAVE AN ACCIDENT DURING THE CRUISE? Although Ocean Rover operates in very remote locations, passengers need not worry about lack of medical facilities in case of an accident or serious illness. Ocean Rover's management can be contacted by her crew 24 hours a day via satellite communications. Extensive medical supplies, including plenty of emergency oxygen, are, of course, on board. The crew is trained in first aid techniques and very experienced. However, do bring any special medications you may need or think may be useful.

HOW MUCH SPENDING MONEY DO I NEED? Bring enough cash to cover the US$100 Port & Park fee, shopping, drinks, souvenirs and crew tips. You can withdraw cash from local ATM machines using your credit card and PIN code to a maximum of US$ 500 per card per day.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS POLICY. On board expenses not covered by the cruise price are charged in US Dollars. While in Malaysia it is very difficult for us to accept credit card payments and would appreciate if all payments could be made in CASH US dollars. Extras include: Nitrox, your bar bill, souvenir T-shirts, camera rentals, E6 processing and crew tips.

We also regret to be unable to accept Traveller’s Cheques as payment because local banks will not accept “third party” TCs. To obtain cash you can exchange your TCs at any exchange booth or bank.

WHAT HAPPENS ON THE LAST DAY? We depart the last island in the afternoon arriving at Kuantan early next morning to disembark. Please do not book flights that depart before mid-day that day. Please do not book flights that depart before mid-day that day.

WHAT IS THE CREW TIPPING POLICY? We believe tips should be given voluntary and based upon the quality of the service provided. Once on board, you will notice how hard the crew works and how your safety and enjoyment relies heavily on their professionalism and attitude. Many of our guests give a gratuity based on 10% of the cruise price or more but, again, we stress that this is entirely voluntarily. Please note that tips can only be paid in cash.


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